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Grilled Tomato Salsa

Grilled Tomato Salsa

Salsa is one of the most popular condiments among both American and Mexican cuisines and for good reason! Not only can it be used to add flavor to just about any dish, but it’s also been known to pack a spicy punch for those who can handle the heat! Grilled Tomato Salsa is a popular spin on the classic condiment, and it takes the popular condiment to the next level with flavors that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Grilled Tomato Salsa

History of Salsa

The term “salsa” is a Spanish word that means “sauce” or “condiment” and it has been around since the 16th century when it made its debut in the Spanish empire. Over time, the traditional recipe was tweaked, and ingredients such as tomatoes, peppers and onions were added, creating a unique and flavorful dish. In the 19th century, as Mexican cuisine began to emerge, salsa became even more of a staple in Latin American cuisine as it made its way across to the USA, quickly becoming an integral part of the American culinary culture.

How to Make Grilled Tomato Salsa

Making Grilled Tomato Salsa is quite straightforward, and the recipe takes approximately 30 minutes from prep to cook time. To make the salsa, you’ll need a few basic ingredients such as tomatoes, onion, and jalapenos. Firstly, you’ll need to preheat your grill to a medium-high heat and brush the grates with oil before arranging the tomatoes, onion and jalapenos. Cook for about 10 minutes, flipping the ingredients occasionally. Afterwards, transfer the ingredients to a cutting board and finely chop.

Once the chopping is complete, add the ingredients to a bowl and squeeze the lime and orange juices over the salsa. To give it a bit more of a kick, add the garlic, cumin, salt and pepper, mixing everything with a spoon. Lastly, add the chopped cilantro into the mix and refrigerate for approximately 20 minutes before serving.

Variations and Tips for Making Grilled Tomato Salsa

Grilled Tomato Salsa is a relatively simple recipe, but it can easily be adjusted if you’re looking to add a bit more flavor or even reduce the heat. For those who prefer a milder salsa, you can always opt out of adding the jalapenos, or you can use a less spicy variety such as poblanos, Anaheim or banana peppers as an alternative. If you’re looking to increase the spice, add a few more jalapenos to the mix, or toss in some habanero pepper for added heat. As far as tips go, brushing the grates of your grill with oil before cooking ensure that the tomatoes, onion and jalapeno don’t stick to the grates. Additionally, make sure not to overcook the ingredients, as this can cause them to become soft and unappealing in texture.

Serving Suggestions for Grilled Tomato Salsa

Grilled Tomato Salsa can be put to good use in a number of dishes. It can be served alongside tacos, enchiladas, burritos and fajitas for a delicious and flavorful burst of heat. It can also be served as a dip with fried plantain chips or even spread on a quesadilla for added flavor. The versatile salsa can even be used in place of a tomato sauce as a topping for a burrito bowl or nachos.

The Grilled Tomato Salsa recipe is a delicious and flavorful spin on the classic condiment, perfect for adding some extra kick and flavor to any meal. With a few simple ingredients and a touch of creativity, you can quickly and easily whip up a batch of Grilled Tomato Salsa that’s sure to please any crowd. All that’s left to do is to grab a pack of chips, a plate of tacos and enjoy!

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